Engineering Student Council

The UP Engineering Student Council is the official student council of the UP College of Engineering. Consisting of 47 student leaders from different departments and institutes, UP ESC is geared towards providing quality services, spearheading relevant campaigns and projects, and organizing top-caliber events for the whole College of Engineering. Every year, UP ESC remains faithful to its promise of giving its constituents avenues by which they can grow beyond the academe and achieve holistic development through research, competitions, sports and recreation.


We envision a proactive and responsive student council that is at the forefront of protecting students' rights and welfare, of promoting social responsibility of every student, and of adapting to the changing needs of the College of Engineering.


Shall provide formal avenues for students to address their concerns with regards to their rights and welfare.

Shall initiate activities and campaigns aiming to promote social-mindedness among the Engineering students

Shall provide services aiming to address the changing needs of every engineering student.